Ejido Verde x Pcr


Ejido Verde is a social enterprise based in Morelía, the capital city of the Michoacán state of  Mexico. The company works with the region’s struggling rural and indigenous communities to combat deforestation and foster economic growth through pine resin production.

Poco a Poco spent nearly a month working with the Ejido Verde staff and living with indigenous communities to understand the relationship between pine resin and the survival of an ecosystem and entire culture. Poco a Poco produced original photo and video content to share the stories of Michoacán’s communities, forests, and resin refineries on behalf of Ejido Verde.

The team continues to profile rural resineros across Central and South America as part of an ongoing written and photo documentary series with the Pine Chemicals Review.


Services Provided: 

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Editorial 
Ejido Verde Mexico reforestation project
Rural Honduras farmer
Ejido Verde Mexico reforestation project
In the time that I was in Georgia, I was reforesting, pruning - doing work that protected pine trees. One day I thought to myself, why I am I doing this work in another country? Why am I not doing this in my own country?
— Catarino Joaquín Campos, Resinero, Cherán Atzicurín
Michoacán Mexico
Ejido Verde reforestation project pine tree nursery
Cherán Mexico pine tree nursery
We need to protect the environment for our children and the future.
— Veronica Camilla, Ejido Verde Pine Orchard Owner, Cherán Atzicurín
Ejido Verde Mexico reforestation project Patamban
Ejido Verde pine tree planting Mexican reforestation
Ejido Verde pine tree plantation
Rural Honduras farmer
We don’t need any more - we just need enough to eat and dress ourselves. Our riches, they’re in the forest, here, in the mountains, in the lakes. Not the money.
— Rafael Díaz, Former Community President, Patamban
Honduras pine resin tapping
Honduras pine resin tapping education
Rural Honduras farmers
Pine resin production
Rural Honduras farmer
Chéran pine tree plantation owner Ejido Verde