Mexico City, Mexico

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Project and Services

makesense is an international organization that combines community activism and social entrepreneurship with collaborative design to solve the world’s greatest social and environmental challenges. makesense runs a year-long accelerator program for social entrepreneurs to help them acquire the skills and receive the necessary exposure to scale with impact.

The makesense Mexico City office hired Poco a Poco to create one video for each of the six entrepreneurs in the generation five of its accelerator program. The goal was to produce a one-to-two minute short that helped communicate the core of each entrepreneur’s business.

In addition, Poco a Poco directed and produced two branded shorts that portray makesense’s multifaceted community, and highlight the organization’s largest annual event, Demo Day.


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Tiendita del campo

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las panas

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Getting to the core

The Poco a Poco team spent a full day with each of the makesense entrepreneurs in the communities where they work, documenting stories of chinamperos in Xochimilco, family artisans in Querétaro, organic tortilleras in Mexico City, recycling heroes in Iztapalapa, nopal farmers in Milpa Alta, and women conquering situations of domestic violence in Centro.

The team also conducted entrepreneur interviews to extract an authentic description of their businesses and social missions.


Designing Change

The makesense community video is an overview of the organizational approach and events that comprise the makesense community. It was filmed over the course of various design thinking workshops, movie screenings, and networking events.

The makesense Demo Day video was filmed during makesense’s annual sense_camp, where interested citizens, makesense community members, and organizational sponsors come together for a weekend of learning, networking, and collaboration. Demo Day culminates in presentations from each of the entrepreneurs detailing the progress they’ve made during the first six months of makesense’s accelerator program.

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