Let’s be honest. The year of the Monkey and Rooster were peculiar, antagonistic, and downright depressing. But with every dark cloud, there is a silver lining.

The Human Connection Project is an idea inspired by a quest for deeper interactions and positive narratives. The goal of the project is twofold: first, we’d like to inject some humanity back into the universe by talking to people about their experiences. We hope that the stories are rich and interesting in their own rights, but more so that they allow people to examine life through the lens of the individual (that is, to say, another individual). We want to encourage people to think about the world - how we approach our days, how we deal with adversity -  in a way that inspires collaboration and understanding. Second, we’d like to be purveyors of the positive. We’ll be highlighting social entrepreneurs, activists, artists, and aspirants working on solutions in their communities.

We hope our readers, listeners, and casual thumb-flickers can absorb a sense of people and place that’s missing from their daily media feed. Storytelling is a shared experience - a conversation - and we want people to experience the awe, excitement, and fear along with us. It’s easy to read a news article and feel informed, but more difficult to feel connected. We want to increase the proximity of consumption.

The Human Connection Project is launching from the streets of Mexico City, barrios of Guatemala, forests of Colombia, and burgeoning neighborhoods of Lima to teach you about something you didn’t know yesterday, and to remind you (and ourselves) that humans are pretty amazing. We hope you laugh and learn with us. Because if you don’t laugh, you might cry.