Our Approach

It all starts with a story. At Poco a Poco, we take an immersive approach to visual storytelling that touches the core of human experience. Through focused research and exploration, we work with our clients to unpack complex narratives and deliver a clear message that facilitates connection and engagement.

Our method is based on character-driven storytelling. From local entrepreneurs to global change-makers, we focus on building strong relationships that give an intimate feel to our photo, video, and written products.

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We want to know more...and then some. The Poco a Poco team is committed to learning the most about our clients’ products and the problems they are helping solve. Through consultation and independent research, we work to collaboratively identify the values, mission, and operations that make your business unique - and how to let the world know about it.

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If our knees and elbows aren’t covered in dirt, it hasn’t been a successful shoot. We take on difficult environments - dense forests, buzzing city streets, baking swamps - to capture the best shot, and story, possible. By sharing in the experiences of the people with whom we work, we are able to uncover perspectives that often go unseen.


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The lump you get in your throat, the tap-tapping of your feet, the dilating of your pupils - that’s what Poco a Poco is here to facilitate. Through photo, video and copy production, we produce captivating, thoughtful multimedia stories and experiences for our clients.

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