La Habana, Cuba

CDMX, Mexico

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Pauza is a collaboration between Havana-based DJs Paula Fernandez and Zahira Sánchez. Influenced by the island’s pervasive music culture, the duo borrows from traditional Cuban rhythms and instruments to give each song a unique flavor. In a country with limited WiFi access, Pauza’s ability to reach an international audience is a testament to both dedication and quality.

Poco a Poco worked with Pauza as part of a collaboration with and its Startup Cuba series to produce original photo, video, and written content.

With a full studio album in the books and a sophomore offering on the way, PAUZA is bringing the spirit of Havana straight to your headphones.

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Most electronic music comes from Europe or has a European sound. We want to make something that’s ours, that sounds Cuban. Cuban music is amazing, and it has lots of flavor. It would be crazy for us not to include it. We’re trying to make electronic music with Cuban flow.

- Paula Fernandez, PAUZA

 PAUZA, like a growing number of young Cubans, are part of a progressive groundswell of homegrown artists, chefs, and retailers that are bringing a new style of innovation and culture to the island.

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We want to capture the traditional music of Cuba and give it a more contemporary feel, like with electronic music. The Cuban culture that you see on TV and on the radio feels antiquated to young people. So we want to regain their interest in traditional music.

- Paula Fernandez, PAUZA