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The Poco a Poco team spent two weeks documenting the lives of rural pine resin farmers in Honduras for The Pine Chemicals Review. Like many others industries in Honduras, the resin trade is fraught with corruption and extortion, much of which is passed down to campesinos simply trying to survive. The article and accompanying photos explored these themes, as well as the plight of community members seeking to make a difference.

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“The national forest authority is more aligned with cutting the forest. It’s more lucrative for their business relationships, for the government. But not for the people. We need to prepare the people, teach them, that this is what’s happening.”

- Don Andrés Solorzano, Former President, Honduran Federation of Agroforestry Cooperatives

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“You ask, what do people do? They leave the country. They go to where you come from. And on the journey, they die. That’s the problem in Honduras - the migration of our people.”

- Francisco Paul Casares, Legal Counsel, San Antonio Limitado Cooperative

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